How to Generate Pixel Code for your Lookalike Audience?


Lookalike audience:-

A lookalike audience utilizes Facebook’s every data on pretty much everyone on earth to create a new audience of people who are similar to another audience. For eg: You have a Facebook page where u are advertising your product or service. If u have got 100 people from the USA to all like your page, u can create a lookalike audience for the people in the USA who share a number of attributes like age, education, and purchase history with those 100 people who liked your page. You can create lookalike audience from people who purchase your product to create the most targeted possible lookalike audience, the more purchasers u have the most accurate the audience becomes.

Facebook Advert:-

Select media, text, and links to create one or more adverts. Choose format how you like your advert to look:

  1. Carousel:Create an ad with 2 or more scrollable images or videos.
  2. Single Image:Create up to 6 adverts with one image each at no extra charge.
  3. Single Video:Create an advert with one video.
  4. Slideshow:Create a looping video advert with up to 10 images.
  5. Canvas:Tell a more immersive story by combining images and videos.

Facebook pixel:-

Facebook pixel is a code that u place on your website which helps you to track conversions from your Facebook ads, optimized ads based on the collected data, build an audience for your future ads which u have targeted and remarket to qualified leads for those who have previously taken some kind of action on your website. Add the Facebook pixel code to your website for measuring the impact of your Ads.

Track Website Activities- Understand the actions that people take after seeing your ads track conversions and measure your returns on the advertising.

Improve your return on advertising- Facebook will automatically deliver ads to those people which more likely to take action based on conversion data from your website.

Reach New and Existing Customers- Show ads to people based on the actions they take on your website. Create lookalike audience to reach more people based on your preferred customers. Install your pixel code by using an integration or tag manager, manually install the pixel code yourself on your website or Email Instructions to the developer.

Benefits of Facebook Ads:

More people use Facebook as live in the entire country of China this many users means u can get your message in front of your target market and a lot of them. Facebook allows u to target exactly whom u want to reach. Good ads get rewarded, Facebook works like an auction they work on a bidding system. The ads that their system determines most likely to be successful will win the auction. Therefore the more relevant your ads is to your target market the more u will win the auction and be shown. Immediate analytics for your ad let u see-

Clicks to your website:

How many times your ad leads to a new site visit.

Cost per click-

How much you pay per click to your website.

Relevance Score-


How many people actually take your offer (pixel needed?)

Post Likes-

No. of people who took action to “like” your post

Post Comments-

No. of people who commented on your post

Post shares-

No. of people who shared your ad on their own page or profile.

You can target users by:-

Interests- Other pages/companies, sports, shows, music

Behaviours- Buying behaviours, page admins, iPhone or Android users

Demographics- Job title, location, marital status

Life Events- Marriages away from hometown new job


These are all but just a glimpse into the Facebook Adverts World, to know more about anything related to Digital Marketing, make sure to enrol yourself in Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi and be trained by the best Digital Marketing Individuals that India has to offer.


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